Knit who?

Knitting? What knitting? Who's knitting? Not me, that's for sure. Man, that's lame. But it's true. I haven't knitted in months. I'm ashamed. But the truth is, I don't see me picking up an unfinished project OR starting a new one for another month or so. I've been busy. Ridiculously busy, both at work and at home. And when I do get a free moment, it ends up being spent either on the pc, doing homework, or on the pc, making wedding and shower plans for a good friend. And on those rare occasions when I'm doing neither? I'm sitting my ass on the couch, watching ridiculously bad tv. My class is over in June. The wedding is in July. I'll be back.


C'mon get happy

So last we spoke, it was January. And I was yammering on about this and that and how I was going to get in shape and eat better and blog more. Well, the eating thing is no problem. I love to eat. I love to cook. I love my salads. The getting in shape...well, let's just say that I spend more evenings at the gym now than at home. My workout schedule looks something like this...

Sat: 1 hour pilates
Sun: 45 minutes weight training, 1 hour cardio
Mon: 1 hour yoga
Tues: 1 hour weight training, 1 hour cardio
Wed: 1 hour pilates, 30 minutes cardio
Thurs: 1 hour yoga, or a 3 mile run, or nothing if I'm feeling lazy
Fri: Happy Hour

Obviously things happen and schedules need to be flexible, so this is all negotiable.

Except for the happy hour.

And a three hour bottomless glass of wine...that truly is happy.


The Anti-Resolution

Happy New Year!!!

Yes, I know...I'm over a month late. But see, the holidays were hectic and now...well, now I'm catching up on a season of L Word episodes on DVR. That and trying to get healthy again. You understand.

So, as I said...Happy New Year. I'm not much of a resolution type girl. The last new years resolution I made was to stop biting my nails when I was 13. I did...stop, that is...for about a year. Then I bit them all off in a mad rage. But it made me happy to know that I could stop if I wanted to. At least temporarily. So even now I alternate between being a nail biter and not.

But back to the here and now. And me not being a resolution maker. I hate resolutions. Really I do. They're a drag. They're an excuse to fail. Or more to the point, they're an excuse to do whatever the hell you want all year long, so that you can "resolve" to show some constraint come January 1st. In January, you notice everyone eating better, drinking more water, excercising, turning off lights to conserve energy. Then around the end of February, you start smelling Big Macs in the office and you can finally get a treadmill at the gym again.

Thing is, as much as I hate the NEW YEARS RESOLUTION, I think I need to...ummm...resolve. This has been a tough year for me. I went from being active, healthy and energetic to being a complete slug. I've been sick more times this year than my usual three year average. I've gained weight, I have no energy, I barely sleep. I wouldn't say I'm depressed, but there have definitely been a couple months where I wasn't exactly happy. So after a period of wallowing in self-pity and boredom, I think I'm finally ready to stop being such a dick.

For starters, I need to get myself healthy again. That means working out and eating right. I love working out. But for some reason I nearly completely stopped going to the gym this year. It feels horrible. And food? I love food. I love good food...healthy food. Oddly enough, salad is my favorite food. It's my staple. (I blame my dad for this) So why have I switched my diet from salad to grilled cheese? It's time for an overhaul. My refrigerator crisper bin is now chock full of green leafies. And the gym...? We're friends again. I'm back to weight training and pilates. And It's already February, so I didn't even have to fight off the "New Years Resolution" crowd this year. Plus, it was even warm enough last week to take a couple three mile outdoor runs. It feels good. I feel healthier already, physically and mentally. I'm counting on my energy coming back, any day now.

And getting healthy is just the beginning. I also need to do the things I always say I'm going to do. Write more, knit more (well, I knit a lot, but finishing projects has been a struggle lately), save more money. So, if all goes as planned, I'll be back to posting regularly. If not, well...then maybe I'll be forced to make some New Years resolutions next January.


Bad blogging

See...now this is exactly what I didn't want. To have a blog that takes up stagnant space. I want to blog. Really I do. But I can't bring myself to type the words, post the photos...hell, I haven't even TAKEN any photos. I'm a bad blogger.

This is partially happening because I'm busy. Work keeps me hopping. Plus the holidays are upon us. We just hosted a huge Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Days of preparation and then days of recovery. And now Christmas. I have a big family. That means lots of shopping. Lots of planning. There will be appetizers to make, cookies to bake. Oh, and, I'm taking a French class. Which is sort of a joke, but since I started it, I need to finish it, even if I'm learning nothing. A failure is a failure.

So yes, I'm busy. But being busy isn't really an excuse not to blog. If anything, being busy gives you blog fodder. I actually have things to write about. If I'd only sit down and write.

So to anyone who cares, I apologize for my lack of blogging. As soon as I feel any sort of spark to do so...I'll sit my butt down and write about my French class, or my holiday shopping, or my knitting progress or my new haircut. Oh...or spinning. I just ordered myself a spindle and I'm going to attempt spinning some straw into gold. Or wool into yarn. whichever.


Too Much Jam in that Band

Either you love a good jam band, or you don't. Me...I don't. Last night we went with some friends to see a show. I think the night pretty much rounded out and put the cap on my experimenting with jam bands. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the band was good. And I can appreciate a few good jams during a show. But the singer was phenomenal and I felt gypped that he sat out for so much of the show. When I’m sitting through a 2.5 hour set, I’d like to hear more than 5 songs. And lyrics. I like lyrics. They don’t even have to rhyme.



I should be embarrassed...

Yes, that IS a whole dresser filled with yarn. My husband brought the dresser home to contain my stash back when it was only overflowing three baskets. And contain it did. With room to spare. Room to...grow.

What's that you say? A dresser full of yarn isn't so bad?

Yeah, umm...

Need a closer look?

You may still be thinking that's not so bad. At least it's all contained. At least it's not strewn about...

Truth is, it's everywhere. In bags, in baskets, in boxes...in the spare room, the living room, the bedroom...and that's not even counting what's on the needles. THAT's all on the coffee table. It's out of hand, undoubtedly. When it was time to time to switch skeins on Clapotis, it took me three hours to find the box of merlot merino. Nobody needs this much yarn. By rights, I should be planning about 50 projects, which might put a dent in some of this yarn. I could knit for the next two years and not run out of yarn. But that's not my style. Instead, I ordered 20 new skeins. I'm sure I'll find something to do with it.


I got word from Columbus...

it's not been "pumpkin weather."